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Mohamed Mabruk

First of 3rd Primary

Hsbiba Mouhsen

First of 3rd Primary

Gourgina Shafek

First of 3rd Primary

Yahya Mohamed

Second of 3rd Primary

Lara Mostafa

Second of 3rd Primary

Reem Hossam

Second of 3rd Primary

Kenzy Ramy

First of  4th Primary

Omar Tamer

Second of 4th Primary

Kenzy Tamer

Third of  4th Primary

Mazen Ehab

First of  5th Primary

Yousef Sameh

Second of  5th Primary

Yassien Ahmed

Second of  5th Primary

Omar Mohamed

Third of 5th Primary

Gana Khaled

First of  6th Primary

Zeina Hazem

Second of 6th Primary

Yousef Adel

Third of 6th Primary

Malak Mohamed

First of 1st Preparatory

Login Alaa

Second of 1st Preparatory

Malak Hany

Third of 1st Preparatory

Ingy Ehab

First of 2nd Preparatory

Hana Ahmed

Second of 2nd Preparatory

Mahmud Housien

Third of 2nd Preparatory

Shahd Sameh

First of 3rd Preparatory

Ahmed Shady

Second of 3rd Preparatory

Ingy Tarek

Third of 3rd Preparatory

Maram Hossam

First of 1st Secondary

Maryo Mamdouh

Second of 1st Secondary

Sara Ahmed

Third of 1st Secondary